Who is winning the Mobile Device War?

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Digital, mobile, Testing
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If you have ever wondered which is the best smartphone OS to use then look no further than this article from Digital Trends which takes a look at the key wins for each of the Mobile OS.

The article covers many angles, and rates the OS accordingly in areas such as:

  • Affordability
  • Interface
  • Apps
  • App Store Usability
  • Battery Life
  • Updates
  • Cloud backups
  • Security

providing a balance view and highlights the key features in each section that the others provide in comparison. Though the article is behind in terms of the new releases of Apple, it still shows some useful analysis.

Through my work with Sogeti, and indeed through the promotion of the Sogeti Studio, our on-demand mobile lab, keeping up with the demand in the market place is a key challenge to ensure existing apps are compatible with the advances in devices and OS.

With the imminent release of iOS 8.1 due later this month and the suggested launch of Apple Pay; mobile decisions and utilisation of the features by businesses and app designers will provide another important rung on the mobile device market share ladder.

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