Favourite Tweets – January 2012 (via @obofdis)

Posted: February 14, 2012 in Agile, General, Project Management, Testing
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Over the last month, there have been quite a few tweets that have caught my eye, and I have retweeted, below I have summarised those that I thought were worth a read.

Agile Project Management

  1.  (via @solutionsIQ) New post: When the bottleneck of an #Agile #team is the team itself http://ow.ly/8EDia Dealing with dysfunction #pmot
  2. (via @PMVoices)How do you maintain your integrity while managing a #project? http://ow.ly/8CTsS
  3. (via @PMVoices) When a #project is finished, how do you evaluate the lessons learned? http://ow.ly/8CTcH #pm #pmot
  4. (via @PMHut) http://www.pmhut.com/a-return-to-agile-basics-part-1 Return to agile basics
  5. http://ezinearticles.com/?Estimating-Agile-Software-Projects—How-to-Stay-Within-Budget&id=1107433 estimating #agile software projects, how to stay within budget #pmot
  6. (via @johannarothman) on why Agile Project Manager is not a Scrum Master, especially on distributed teams. So very true! #yahttp://lnkd.in/7a-8Gi
  7. (via @PMHut) Bad Language in Software Projects http://www.pmhut.com/bad-language-in-software-projects (a very funny and light reading for project managers and IT professionals)
  8. Reading http://www.projectsatwork.com/content/articles/267610.cfm Technical Debt for PMs

Testing / QA

  1. Currently reading http://bit.ly/xBePRJ – Devising a test automation strategy: Getting started
  2. Implement a test tool and platform agnostic automation architect http://bit.ly/A5guY1
  3. (via @agile_coach) Does your software team create a lot of bugs? Then your process is defective. #agile #testing http://bit.ly/xMCyhf


  1. http://kief.com/continuous_delivery/continuous_delivery_vs_agile.html Conflict between continuous delivery and Agile
  2. (Via @Goyello) Key challenges in Agile implementations http://tinyurl.com/7j6tbks
  3. 5 Signs of a Great User Experience http://rww.to/zR08nQ
  4. Do you follow these rules? The eight simple ways to build customer loyalty. Top story on @LinkedIn_Today via @INC http://ow.ly/8MESS
  5. 10 Signs that Your Team Isn’t Really Agile http://ow.ly/8N6DE Good list from @stoneass
  6. (via @solutionsIQ) Agile is evolving, not declining http://ow.ly/8Rpxy Forrester: Blending Agile, non-Agile techniques/practices => hybrid methodology
  7. (via @ScottOstby) Branching and merging: the heart of version control – Software Development Times: http://sdt.bz/36328 via @sdtimes #Agile #SCM #algorithm
  8. http://blogs.collab.net/agile/2011/12/19/where-do-we-credit-work-done-on-unfinished-backlog-items/ Where do we credit work done on unfinished backlog items?

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