Collabnet (Danube) Certified Scrum Master Course; London

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Agile
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Last week I attended a Certified Scrum Master course. I was keen to gain perspective on the role of a Scrum Master; specifically coming from a testing / QA background, I wanted to understand who ‘best’ fitted the role. Going into the course, I had the pre-conceived idea that Developers were best suited to operating in this role; as if the team raised blockers during a stand-up, they are likely to understand the problem and be better placed to work towards a solution.

The course provided a good mix of BA’s, PM’s, developers and test; the trainer herself (Tamara Sulaiman) came from a project management background. Due to this, the classroom discussions provided a number of different viewpoints. The training material provided a good balance of theory and practical application.

In terms of meeting my objective for this course, I think this was achieved. The role of Scrum Master is varied; coaching teams to reach collective decisions; ensuring that Product Owners are engaged and maintain roadmaps and product backlogs are fundamental to a scrum teams success. With this in mind; the role does not need to be limited to a development team member.

All I need to do now is pass my exam 🙂

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