QTP and Silverlight Automation

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Tools
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On a recent client engagement; we were asked to conduct a POC of automation tools against a Silverlight 3 GUI.

As an out of the box solution, QTP (version 10) did not provide sufficient granularity with respect to Silverlight object recognition.

Having already been required to install the .Net and WPF plugins, research and contact with HP uncovered the need for three additional patches to be installed; before the spy tool could actually drill down through the Silverlight Window to identify object properties.

Once up and running; one of the noticeable differences between QTP and one of the other tools we evaluated (ArtofTest DesignCanvas 2.0) was the slowness of script capture.

We have to continue with QTP; as the client is understandably reluctant to invest further money in a second tool. Even with this in mind I still have reservations as to the suitability of the tool long term. By admission of HP support site, the patches provided are compatible with Silverlight 2, and ‘may’ be compatible with Silverlight 3; which throws instant concern as Silverlight 4 is available with talk of a Silverlight 5 release early next year. As more projects embrace RIA technologies such as Silverlight and Adobe Flex; HP will need to ensure that their toolsets move with the times; especially with unit costs as high as they are; even with reseller discounts applied.

  1. Umesh says:

    Does QTP 10.0 supports Sliver light 4.0

    • dsearle says:

      Umesh, I am unable to answer this, as the project is using Silverlight3, with no immediate plans to transition to Silverlight4.


  2. Oren says:

    What are the three additional patches to be installed?

  3. Khizer says:

    Please let us know what are 3 additional plugin. I have installed .Net and WPF plugin it worked with on one machine but on another machine object spy is not able to identify objects. I am having hard time with this.

  4. dsearle says:

    Hi apologies for not replying sooner, but here as requested are the patches that have been installed, details can be found at http://forums11.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/:

    1. QTPNET_00018Silverlight2.exe
    2. QTP_00635releaseUpdate.exe
    3. QTPWEBPatch_00047.zip

    For number 3. I was experiencing issues with the full install, therefore I would suggest the following:

    a. Open the “InstallDir” folder
    b. Open “Silverlight” folder
    c, Run the “qfe.msp” installation program

    These have enabled much better object recognition against Silverlight3, but there still seems to be issues with ‘layered’ objects. To prove this we have used Silverlight Spy to validate that the objects can be recognised..as yet have been unable to source a full solution.

    I hope these are of some use

    Thanks for looking

    • Vivek Gupta says:

      Hi Dsearle,
      After installing patches QTP is not recongnizig Silbelight 3.0 objects.
      1. QTPNET_00018Silverlight2.exe
      2. QTP_00635releaseUpdate.exe
      3. QTPWEBPatch_00047.zip

  5. Vivek Gupta says:

    I tried after installing all below 3 patches.
    1. QTPNET_00018Silverlight2.exe
    2. QTP_00635releaseUpdate.exe
    3. QTPWEBPatch_00047.zip

    QTP is not recognizing Slv 3.0 objects.
    Please help

  6. Talio Moreo says:

    there is an excellent tool for Sliverlight automation that has code export to QTP. take a look at http://experitest.com/ they have free trial. easy to operate and excellen tonline tutorial

  7. Manish Deshmukh says:

    It does support SilverLight 4.0 after installing the QTPNET_00051.exe with QTP 11.0

  8. chvrmh says:

    Does QTP 11.0 supports Silverlight 5.0 apps?

  9. Jitu says:

    Is any tutorial to learn automating Silverlight application using QTP? Please share link or suggest any document ..

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