Agile: When should Game Planning be conducted?

Posted: May 9, 2010 in Agile
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Currently, my project team is working to a three week sprint cycle. The approach taken is to sign-up to the next sprint by the end of the third week of the current sprint. Over the first 5 or 6 sprints this seemed to work well, but as the level of functionality is increasing, the need for increased pair testing during the final week of the sprint is increasing too; thus putting unecessary (?) pressure on the team.

My question here is what is the ‘best’ approach to ensuring the current sprint gets to ‘Done-Done’ and also ensuring that the team commit to the next sprint to maximise the time to develop and test the stories?

Game planning is a team effort, but does it need the whole team to participate? can the team be split to concentrate on the current sprint and also game planning for the next? If the team is split does this remove the collective?

Could this reduction in collectivity be protected by ensuring that the team rotates between game planning and completing the current sprint? I guess it is a trade off, and needs to be tried, but it’ll be interesting to gather people’s thoughts on this…….


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