Visual Studio – Test Professional 2010, finally a true competitor to HP and IBM?

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Agile, Testing

So, from early reviews and watching demos of the Visual Studio Test Professional it looks like Microsoft are offering a direct competitor to the HP and IBM toolsets for Test Management. With Agile and Scrum being embraced more and more, test management tools need to evolve to ensure the profession of Testing and QA can evolve to drive the efficiencies of Agile. Being able to collaborate and work in tandem with developers will see the value of true Agile coming to the for. Test Professional has the ability to store manual test cases as well as automated UI tests. Moreover, the ability to record your manual tests, should aid exploratory testing; as well as bug reports. Developers will already know where to look for defects and can watch the defect unfold in front of their eyes. Taking this further, from a metrics perspective having one source of project tracking, should remove the traditional arguments between test and development.

Licensing looks reasonable, and I am currently looking at a trial version. I’m hoping the above will be proven….only time will tell.

For more information, take a look at this from the Microsoft MSDN website:


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